Me with some of my famous chums ...

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Colour photo of me with singer Suzi Quatro 1978

Me with Suzi Quatro 1978


About Rosie Still

As my real name is 'Still' I was destined from birth to become a still photographer. Now over 40 years in the business and still going strong.

What's new?

In 2010, having then been a professional photographer for 37 years I decided that I wanted a website with more pages to include as many photos as possible. But the company who created it informed me that I only had a 'lite site' and if I wanted slide shows etc it would cost me a huge amount of money, and they'd have to update it each time I wanted to add new pictures, so I decided to buy the software and teach myself how to create it from scratch.

After 9 months my site was finally born. But since then technology has become more advanced and we've seen the invention of iPads, iPhones, Tablets, etc, and suddenly there became the need for 'Responsive websites' so within no time my site, along with millions of others, became virtually useless unless viewed on laptops and desktop computers.

Having created one site successfully, how difficult could this one be to do? What I hadn't bargained for was the fact that had I wanted a simple 4 page site with a picture or two on each page I could've got it done in now time. But that would be of no use to me. However, with responsive sites being a relatively new invention, none of the slide show software was compatible, so I had to try out so many ideas, starting my site over and over again around 10 times!!

After a very frustrating 8 months of being superglued to my computer, trying out different software and watching endless online tutorials I was starting to doubt that I'd finally produce a brand new website that can be viewed accurately on any device. I even contacted tutors who's videos I'd watched and all agreed that I was going to have problems. But I never give up!

The week before Christmas 2014 I uploaded my new site, only to discover that it was as useless as a chocolate teapot! Looked pretty but fell apart when I tried to update it!

I then came across a site that had all the structural work done for me and within just one month of redesigning it, adding my own photos and text I now have a site that I'm proud of ... and that actually works!

Due to the rush to get this site on line I've simply used the photos from my previous site, but over the next few weeks I intend ploughing through boxes of old negatives and slides and adding a lot more pictures ...

Hope you like it.

Who is the woman behind the camera?

I started off as a photojournalist in January 1973 photographing and interviewing pop stars and TV celebrities for teenage magazines; people like Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Marc Bolan, Alvin Stardust, Suzi Quatro etc. I also worked with people like Dudley Moore, Victoria Wood, Polly James, Nerys Hughes … the list is endless.

In 1984 I was booked to do a one-off session with Jazz performers Humphrey Lyttelton and Helen Shapiro and ended up being Humph’s personal photographer for 24 years until he died in 2008.

Although I do all types of studio sessions, for the past 20 years my real passion has become Spotlight shots for actors, presenters and drama students. Chris Jarvis (CBeebies), Christopher Parker (ex-Eastenders) and Charlie Clements (ex-Eastenders) all came to me for their first photo sessions. I'm not saying that I made them famous, but my photos of them were the first things that the BBC saw!

Over the years I’ve photographed in my studio many famous people (including Debra Stephenson, Bella Emberg, Liz Fraser, Michelle Hardwick, etc). I particularly like the fact that a huge number of my clients return to me on a regular basis, whenever they need to update their headshots. Actor John Judd has been coming to me for his Spotlight shots since 1986 and presenter, actress, artist, sculptress (a lady of many talents!) Gabrielle Bradshaw has been bringing herself and her artwork to my studio since 1993, and both admit that they wouldn't go anywhere else.

In 2004 Olympus gave me the opportunity to go digital, by asking me to test try their latest DSLR camera and since then I’ve not looked back.

A lot of Agents and Drama Schools send people my way because they know that I will take exactly the kind of photos that they want - nothing arty farty, no trees coming out of their heads, and no floating heads! - just lovely clear shots showing their clients at their very best; whether mean and moody or smiley (I take lots of shots of both) – but with that extra ‘sparkle’. You can't survive in a business for over 40 years if you ain't doing something right!

"Still photographing the rich...the famous...and the wannabes!!"

Cover of my book After being a photo-journalist for many years, I found that eventually I was spending the majority of my time as a photographer. In spite of this I still wanted to keep my hand in at writing, so in 1998, having been in the business for 25 years, it seemed like a good time to celebrate, so I decided to write a book entitled "Still photographing the rich...the famous...and the wannabes!!" Several of my famous clients wrote things about me in their own handwriting - some of these testimonials can be found within this site.

Unfortunately I didn't have a clue whether I needed to approach publishers or agents, so when I saw an advert for "New manuscripts wanted" and that there was no charge to have it read I decided to send it. It turned out to be a company run by 3 women who used to run a club in the West End where I occasionally was the DJ (another profession of mine!) so I ended up signing with them. They were a self-publishing company, and although I don't regret going with them as it was good experience, the quality of the photos inside are not very good, but as it's an anecdotal book as opposed to a photography book I'm not too bothered.

However, now that I've got a lot more material, I'm hoping that one day I may have time to write another one, with more emphasis on the photos and a totally different look - and this time I will approach publishers!

Having said that my loft is full of boxes of books that I bought back from the publishers, so if you'd like to purchase a copy, you can get one directly from me, so feel free to get in touch.

My forthcoming poster site ...

A couple of years again I was asked to exhibit some of my work at the Misty Moon Gallery in Ladywell, South London. This was a totally new experience for me, but proved to be both exciting and profitable. Since then I've been asked by several of my Twitter and Facebook friends how they can purchase my work. so I decided that having created my main website I'd create a shopping site.

But to sell them framed could prove to be expensive to send, plus there's the additional risk of the glass getting smashed on route. So I had a rethink and decided to sell my photos as posters instead, getting them printed at a professional lab, from A3 up to A0, as my own printer would restrict me size wise.

As people may want to frame them, I decided that I'd redo the layout of each picture to include a boarder, to prevent frames and mounts from obscuring any of the photos. I nearly had enough pictures finished to upload my shopping site and then I was forced to put it on hold to recreate this site instead.

Unfortunately I've since discovered that the software for my poster site isn't responsive and isn't likely to be for several months.

However, I've just discovered a shopping site software that is responsive and totally compatible with my current software. Now that I've got my main site finished I can make a start on my poster one. So watch this space ...

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