• Headshot of actor James Head
    James Head (Actor)

    "I have had some publicity stills shot by Rosie recently at her studios in London.

    She really is very good - quite possibly the best I have worked with. She puts you immediately at your ease, creating a more than comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

    The photos are bright crisp and clear and give an accurate portrayal of the subject matter for casting purposes. Rosie has a particular talent of helping you to look at your best, whilst still producing professional shots that actually look like the actor who walks in for the casting!

    I would recommend every actor use Rosie. Her rates are also very reasonable, belying her talent and expertise."

  • Headshot of actor Nadia Ismail
    Nadia Ismail (Actor)

    "Rosie has been the best photographer I have ever worked with. She made me feel extremely comfortable which enabled me to relax in front of the camera to achieve the best shots. 

    Her professionalism is second to none and her honesty and advice has been invaluable. Rosie makes you feel completely at ease as if you were a long term friend yet she is also direct and tells you what works and what doesn't.

    I'm really pleased with my photos and can't wait to start using them in my portfolio"

  • Headshot of actor Michael Barber
    Michael Barber (Actor)

    "Rosie always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

    She always takes a perfect picture, which is why I’ve been back to her studio at least 7 times.

    Your photo is what sells you first. I’ve got plenty of work out of my photos, and that’s why I will always come back again and again."

    (This was either the 7th or 8th session that Michael and I have done together in my studio so far ... I've already lost count. But I'm looking forward to the next one!)

  • Headshot of drama student Irina Munteanu
    Irina Munteanu
    (Drama Student)

    "Rosie is a lovely person and an amazing photographer with so much experience. She's photographed legends like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. 

    She instantly makes you feel relaxed and at ease in her studio. I received such a warm welcome with a serene smile and a cup of tea.

    Rosie knew how to get the best of me during the photo shoot. She has a genuine talent of grasping the best in people and making it shine in their photos. As she says, it's all about capturing the sparkle in people's eyes. Maybe that's why the photos she takes are so special.

    I would definitely recommend Rosie to anyone into acting, student or professional."

  • Headshot of actor Alexander Ward
    Alexander Ward (Actor)

    "A fantastic first photo-shoot experience, created by Rosie's easy going, friendly manner.

    Her wonderful personality immediately sets you at ease which allows you to relax and bring to your photographs exactly what you hoped for. Her patience, sense of humour and her professional knowhow create an atmosphere where you can quickly get used to the experience and what's expected from you.

    Will most definitely return to Rosie for future professional photos, and am very pleased with how the first batch turned out and how they look on my acting profiles."

  • Headshot of actor Michael Barber
    Amelia Stanger (Child Actor)

    “We love going to the fabulous Rosie Still for our photos. We’ve taken all our family for their pictures.

    She always makes us extremely welcome and produces excellent results. She's one in a million; a very professional photographer who always goes the extra mile for that perfect shot.

    We wouldn't go to anyone else”

    by Tania stanger (Mum to Amelia, and other clients of mine, Kyle and Jade. Also wife to Robert Stanger)

  • Headshot of actor Michelle Hardwick
    Michelle Hardwick (Actor)

    "After being recommended by my friend Steve Huison (formally Eddie Windass in Coronation Street) on Twitter, I travelled 200 miles to be greeted with a warm reception and a very relaxed atmosphere.

    I was pleased with the results, having had some really good feedback."

  • Headshot of actor and hand model Oliver Broad
    Oliver Broad (Actor)

    "Rosie's a fantastic photographer.

    I've had several photo sessions with her and after the most recent one I sent a selection of them to my new agent who was also delighted and immediately asked who the photographer was so she could recommend her.

    Not only are her photos great but every session is always friendly and relaxed. Highly recommended!"

    (To date I've done 5 sessions with Ollie, including 2 hand modelling sessions on this site.)

  • Headshot of actor Cynthia Ruiz
    Cynthia Ruiz (Actor)

    "I had the pleasure of having my headshots taken by Rosie and it was by far the most fun I've ever experienced when having my photos taken. 

    It basically feels like you've gone round to visit a friend for a catch up and decided to take photos for fun!  There was no rushing around and she is very thorough in explaining everything so you know exactly what will happen.  Not only does she have a very welcoming and chilled attitude, she makes you laugh nonstop too. 

    It’s easy to be at ease and relaxed for Rosie to capture your pictures as she is so down to earth and will tell you stories about anything from her pets to losing hub caps ... we can all relate. 

    I was so happy with how my photos had turned out.  My only problem now is choosing one out of all those that she sent me.

    You can’t go wrong with choosing Rosie. You will be in extremely good hands of a talented photographer with years of experience and a wonderful smile and good natured spirit.  I’m definitely going back for all my photos.

    Thank you Rosie. X"

  • Headshot of actor Anthony Webster
    Anthony Webster (Actor)

    "It took a long time to decide who to trust with the headshots. These photographs have some work to do, so I gave it a lot of thought.

    My conversations with Rosie prior to the session convinced me that here was a professional who truly cared about her craft and the fellow creatives she presents in her work. That matters to me. It's a joyful thing to work with someone who is exemplary in their field and personable in their manner - it always brings wonderful outcomes.

    Well, the time at Rosie's surpassed my hopes. The session flew by with a genuine, warm amiability. The photographs were magnificent; the very favourable attention they have attracted from many quarters has more than justified my decision. I'm glad I took time over my choice. I couldn't have made a better one."

  • Headshot of student Harriett Attwood
    Harriett Attwood (Student)

    "From the moment I met Rosie and her beautiful whippet Katie, I was made to feel instantly welcome and comfortable. As it was my first head shot session, I was rather nervous. However, after sharing a cup of tea and discussing the session, I knew that I was in safe hands. 
    The photo shoot was a blast, with jokes and banter flying back and forth. Rosie made me feel at home in her studio and by the end of the session my face hurt from laughing so much.  
    I am really grateful to Rosie for looking after me and providing me with wonderful headshots that I am very pleased with. They look extremely professional and honest and fit my requirements exactly. I highly recommend Rosie Still and will definitely be using her skills in the future."

  • Headshot of actor Daniel Gennis
    Daniel Gennis (Actor, Writer & Screenwriter)

    "Rosie was an absolute joy to work with.

    It was the best photo session I have ever had in my somewhat long career, and that includes previous professional photo shoots. My experience with her stands way above them.

    Working with Rosie didn't feel like work or being on a photo shoot. It was like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in years; playing catchup and reminiscing about the good old days, while she was working away with her camera.

    She allows plenty of time for your session, so you don't feel any pressure of being hurried.

    I can only say Rosie is the best. I wish there were more like her but there aren't. That is what makes her so unique."

  • Headshot of actor Johnny Shingleton
    Johnny Shingleton (Actor)

    "How can I summarise Rosie, both personally and professionally?

    Personally she is naturally very warm and friendly, and I can simply say the same professionally.

    Rosie took lots of photos, which is great. She has a natural talent in spotting a good pose, and always re-assuring in a complimentary manner.

    I would recommend her to anyone just starting out as an actor, or an actor wanting more fresh photos.

    I intend to use Rosie again in the future ... "

    (This is a photo from Johnny's 2nd session with me)

  • Headshot of actor Delianne Forget
    Delianne Forget (Actor)

    "I'm always very impressed by Rosie's work and extremely happy with photos.

    Would recommend her to anyone."

    (This photo is just one from our 3rd session together. For more of Delianne's 'different looks' check out my Actors' Gallery)

  • Headshot of actor Francis Chapman
    Francis Chapman (Actor)

    "Rosie was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away.

    She showed a warm and friendly but also professional attitude to my session.

    I am delighted with the results."

  • Headshot of actor Alexander Furno
    Alexander Furno (Actor)

    "Ciao Rosie Still.

    I can't stop say thanks to you.

    Your pictures have got some magic in them and I keep get bookings. You know what the industry requests and with lots of fun you show it with your talent.

    Thanks for your beautiful work and I know I will see you very soon for the next photo session.

    Kiss from your little Italian friend Alex"

  • Headshot of actor, presenter, artist and sculptor Gabrielle Bradshaw
    Gabrielle Bradshaw (Actor, presenter, artist, sculptor)

    "I met Rosie on a commercial photo shoot over 20 years ago and have been using her as a photographer ever since.

    I could say all sorts of wonderful things about her photo sessions, about how she puts people at ease, makes the whole experience enjoyable and uplifting, takes fabulous pictures ... or I could just sum it all up in one sentence. Our life long friendship shows how highly I value Rosie as a person and as for her pictures - they speak for themselves."

  • Headshot of actor Xander Black
    Xander Black (Actor)

    "This was by far the most fun I’ve had in front of a camera.

    Rosie made me feel so relaxed and at home from the moment I walked through the door.

    I will be using Rosie in the future, and have and will be promoting her to all my friends and acting colleagues in the future."

    (This is a photo from Xander’s 2nd session with me)

  • Headshot of student Jade Stanger
    Jade Stanger

    "I really love having my photos taken by Rosie.

    She makes you feel really comfortable, and always gets the best photos out of you.

    I would never go to anyone else."

  • Headshot of actor Sam Devereaux
    Sam Devereaux (Actor)

    "Working with Rosie was my first headshot session in 6 years after taking a short career break to be with my wonderful children.

    I was little nervous having not done a session in so long but Rosie immediately put me at my ease. She was incredibly attentive and helpful but never overbearing and I ended up having the most pleasant and relaxed headshot session of my career. I think my enjoyment shows in the excellent finished photos.

    Rosie has a knack for making a complicated and nuanced process seem deceptively simple as only a top professional can do. I look forward to more in the future (hopefully in less than 6 years!)"

  • Headshot of actor Symone Rose
    Symone Rose (Actor)

    "I cannot thank you enough for a fantastic day at your studio.

    You made me feel so comfortable and we had a good laugh at the same time. Much appreciated.

    Ps Will keep you posted if I make it big!"

  • Headshot of student William Goold
    William Goold (Student)

    "I went to Rosie for my first professional photo session and she helped me overcome my nervousness and brought out the best in me right from the start.

    The photos she took were of an exceeding quality and I was instantly pleased, as I usually don't think I'm very photogenic, but Rosie's skills helped me gain some confidence, and she produced some amazing photos.

    Without the personality that she brings to the session I wouldn't have come out of my shell."

  • Headshot of actor Houda Ounnas
    Houda Ounnas (Actor)

    "Rosie Still is a legend. I love my pictures.

    She is very professional and efficient. She fitted me in for a last minute emergency shoot and got the pictures to me on a very tight schedule.

    Rosie really cares about you getting the end product in a timely manner and I feel that in my case has given me more than 100%

    I look forward to working with her again and again."

  • Headshot of actor Tony Burden
    Tony Burden (Actor)

    "Rosie went to great pains to put me at ease and her natural approach to direction didn't fail to bring out the best in me.

    I'm really happy with the results and my auditions and profile views have increased."

  • Headshot of actor John Judd
    John Judd (Actor)

    "Like a lot of actors I don't like photo sessions. I enjoy playing other people, but well - a photo session - it's a picture of me - ugh!!

    Rosie is the first photographer I've really felt at ease with, which is why I always go to her for my Spotlight shots.

    She's a first class photographer but most importantly a lovely person and a really good friend."

  • Headshot of actor Laura Fisher
    Laura Fisher (Actor)

    "Rosie's a fantastic photographer who really challenges you and gets the best out of you!

    She is very friendly and relaxed from the beginning and makes an effort to get to know you first.


  • Headshot of actor Ric Anthony
    Ric Anthony (Actor)

    "Great photographer and we've been friends now for ten years."

    (to date we've done 6 sessions)

  • Headshot of actor Simon Lindon
    Simon Lindon (Actor)

    "Not only professional, Rosie is an a mazing character who thrives on getting the best out of you.

    Rosie Still is a true Professional and a credit to her business."

  • Headshot of actor David McKail
    David McKail (Actor)

    "I first went to Rosie because she was local and her portfolio looked very good.

    I've stayed with her because she takes very good pictures but, more than that, through all the sessions there runs a clear similarity so the pictures must look like me too.

    Consistently good pictures, which really look like you.

    What more can you ask?"

  • Headshot of student Kyle Stanger
    Kyle Stanger (Student)

    "Rosie Still - well where do I start!

    I really love having my photos taken by her. She makes you feel really comfortable, and always gets the best photos out of you. I would never go to anyone else.

    Rosie Still is the best photographer ever. She is excellent in every way"

    (To date I've done 6 sessions with Kyle, including a hand modelling session on this site.)

  • Headshot of actor Sue Frumin
    Sue Frumin (Actor)

    "I had a wonderful session with Rosie. I felt at ease and really enjoyed myself.

    The photographs are great and I am very pleased they turned out as well as they did.

    Thanks Rosie!

    I would recommend you to other actors who might want top quality photographs for their portfolio."

    (To date we've done 4 sessions)

  • Headshot of actor Darren Easton
    Darren Easton (Actor)

    "It was fantastic working with Rosie.

    I found it relaxing as we sat and had our chat over a cuppa. It felt so homely, and the photos taken are so fantastic that my own family are asking me for copies!

    I would recommend Rosie Still to anyone. She’s 100% professional and has captured me 100%

    Thank you Rosie."

  • Headshot of actor Francisco Terry

    Francisco Terry (Actor)

    Rosie Still is an amazing photographer and an enchanting individual.

    The cosy and joyful personal connection Rosie so easily establishes, translates beautifully into the quality of her photography, which perfectly compliments her excellent technical work.

    She's a highly accomplished professional, and is extremely knowledgeable and generous.

  • Headshot of student Lara Bulford Welch

    Lara Bulford Welch (Student)

    "Rosie is an absolute joy to work with.

    This was my second shoot with Rosie, which is a testament to her skill as a photographer and the enthusiasm she brings to her work.

    She is so welcoming, fun, and you can be assured high quality photos every time!"

  • Headshot of child actor Freddy Downham

    Freddy Downham (Child Actor)

    "Rosie has done the best pictures of Freddy we have had. She is fun, enthusiastic and incredibly talented.

    We booked our next session there and then.

    They now have such an amazing relationship and this shows in the photos. She puts him at ease and they have such fun."

    (by Mum Suzanne. This photo is from our 3rd session)

  • Headshot of actor Gemma James

    Gemma James (Actor)

    "I had a session with Rosie and was delighted with the outcome.

    She really makes you feel comfortable in the studio and goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your photos. This in turn makes you feel like you are receiving a professional but personal touch in your session.

    I would definitely recommend Rosie to all people who work in the performing arts. "

  • Headshot of actor Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman (Actor)

    "I found Rosie Still when I needed pictures done for my TV, movie and extra work.

    My pictures were the best anyone could ask for and will definitely use Rosie again in the near future."

  • Headshot of child actor Eli-Aine McKenzie
    Eli-Aine McKenzie (Child Actor)

    "Rosie Still is an amazing photographer.

    I was really nervous but as soon as we got started all of that went out the window. There was a really fun but relaxed atmosphere.

    She produced some awesome photos of me.

    Anyone lucky enough to work with Rosie, whose photographed The Jacksons, Kylie Minogue, etc. won't be disappointed."

  • Headshot of actor Ozer Direncay
    Ozer Direncay (Actor)

    "As someone who doesn't particularly like their picture being taken, as the photoshoot progressed Rosie made me feel more comfortable about it all and knew what she wanted to get out of it.

    She answered any questions I had and took the time to make sure we got the best pictures out of the session and that I was happy with everything.

    Thanks Rosie."

  • Headshot of actor Cadi Jones
    Cadi Jones (Actor)

    "This was my second photo shoot with the beautiful Miss Still.

    Rosie’s ability to create exquisite photography clearly demonstrates her naturally organic and experienced talent behind the camera.

    The sessions were very relaxed, free flowing and funny.

    If you’re looking for an experienced photographer that can really bring out the best in you, look no further."

  • Headshot of actor Charlotte Militello
    Charlotte Militello (Actor)

    "Working with Rosie was really lovely. She made me feel completely relaxed and really at ease.

    Her years of professionalism just made it an absolute breeze when she's taking photos of you. The whole session felt very easy and effortless and the results were amazing.

    Thanks again Rosie"

  • Headshot of actor Bernadette Wood
    Bernadette Wood (Actor)

    "Rosie is a really good photographer.

    Very friendly and was made to feel at ease very quickly.

    She's very professional and I'm delighted with the accurate photos produced - so I look like my photos, which is all important.

    I really enjoyed the photo session."

  • Headshot of actor Jessica Barnes
    Jessica Barnes (Actor)

    "When I need to update my photographs I'll go back to Rosie Still - a recommendation in itself.

    She is cheerful, funny, puts me at my ease and is pretty damned good at the job.

    She is also very prompt in producing the work, something for which I am extremely grateful.

    Thank you Rosie, you're a genius."

  • Headshot of actor Robert Stanger
    Robert Stanger (Actor)

    "A fantastic photographer, who knows her art and makes you feel important, which always leads to excellent pictures.

    Would not have anyone else take my pictures - a must if you are serious about your performing career. Highly recommended"

    (I also do headshot sessions with Rob's son Kyle and his daughters Jade and Amelia)

  • Headshot of Artist and After Dinner Speaker Beryl Maile
    Beryl Maile (Artist and After Dinner Speaker)

    “If you're looking for a first class photographer I can highly recommend Rosie Still.

    I've visited her studio many times where she's brilliantly photographed my artwork, and has also made me and my dogs feel very comfortable in front of her camera.”

  • Headshot of actor Cia Allan
    Cia Allan (Actor)

    "Rosie made both of my photo sessions relaxed and easy, and I'm absolutely delighted with the CDs of photos!

    I can recommend her unreservedly for great actors' headshots, warm family portraits and the cutest pet photos!"

  • Headshot of actor Lissie Link
    Lissie Link (Actor)

    "I really enjoyed working with Rosie.

    She immediately made me feel comfortable. She works with you as opposed to just telling you what do.

    She's fun and entertaining but also gets the job done!

    My smiles were real smiles."

  • Headshot of actor Annie Aldington
    Annie Aldington (Actor)

    "Rosie is fantastic.

    She takes loads of photos, and as I have trouble choosing which ones I want she helps me with that as well.

    I highly recommend her.

    She knows what she's doing, is professional and a good laugh to boot!"

  • Headshot of actor Anne Curtis
    Anne Curtis (Actor)

    "A Professional service from an excellent photographer. The results were great and it was good value too!"

  • Headshot of actor Tom Downham
    Tom Downham (Actor)

    "I really had fun with Rosie. I want to be an actor and her pictures will help me. I want more done soon."

  • Headshot of actor Stephanie Corbyn
    Stephanie Corbyn (Child Actor)

    "Fantastic pictures … thanks to Rosie."

  • Headshot of actor Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis (Actor)

    "Rosie is a professional photographer who is fun, easy to work with and helpful."

  • Headshot of actor Ian Stewart Robinson
    Ian Stewart Robinson (Actor)

    "Rosie is an amazing person with an amazing talent.

    I'm not a fan of having my picture taken but she put me at ease and effortlessly got the best out of me.

    The session was in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and I made a great friend in the short time we spent together."

  • Headshot of child actor Jean-Jacques Girod-Roux

    Jean-Jacques Girod-Roux (Child Actor)

    "Rosie has the knack of making you at ease in no time.

    For my son's first photo session she made him feel like a natural.

    He had a great time and hardly noticed the camera."

    (by his Mum Maria)

  • Headshot of actor Mark Mo Haycox

    Mark Mo Haycox (Actor)

    "Rosie is a fantastic photographer.

    She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you meet her, and ensures you get the best photos from the shoot.

    Will always go back to her for future shots."

  • Headshot of actor Rafe Beckley
    Rafe Beckley (Actor)

    "My first set of photos with Rosie secured me a good agent, two commercials and three short films.

    Easy to work with, an affordable price, a relaxed atmosphere with a lovely person taking the shots.

    What more do you want?"

  • Headshot of actor Maria Chat
    Maria Chat (Actor)

    "Rosie is a brilliant, generous, patient photographer, who put me at ease in the whole of the time she had me in front of her lens.

    I left with a great set of photos, a lot more confidence and a wide smile on my face."

  • Headshot of actor Scott Wickes
    Scott Wickes (Actor)

    "Rosie is an absolute joy to work with.

    She makes you feel relaxed and at ease, which makes the photos that much better.

    This is my 5th session with her so far, so I guess that is recommendation enough."

  • Headshot of actor Dan Furlonger
    Dan Furlonger (Actor)

    “Rosie is a great photographer.

    She gives you high quality headshots, and you receive the cd with them on in no time.

    If you want quality pictures and at a good price, I would definitely recommend going to Rosie in the future.”

  • Headshot of actor Nicholas Harley Naismith
    Nicholas Harley Naismith (Actor)

    "One word Fantastic!

    Rosie really does go the extra mile and even arranged my train times there and back. What more could you want?

    The results speak for themselves."

  • Headshot of actor Robert Pegge
    Robert Pegge (Actor)

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my photo shoot with Rosie.

    She's very good at putting you at ease and making the session fun.

    The results are brilliant.

    I can't recommend her highly enough."

  • Headshot of child actor Lydia Bouhamdi
    Lydia Bouhamdi (Child Actor)

    "I loved being photographed by Rosie and the photos are amazing.

    She made me feel at ease and I'm looking forward to my next photo session."

  • Headshot of student Tonia Strachan
    Tonia Strachan (Drama Student)

    "My experience with Rosie Still was one of charm and chatter.

    The afternoon I spent getting to know her and getting my photographs taken was professional, with a comforting and warm familiarity, as if I was getting back in touch with a relative.

    I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the photographs and would turn to Rosie again in the future if I wanted some more expert photographs, as well as a catch up and cup of tea."

  • Headshot of actor Antonio Daer
    Antonio Daer (Actor)

    "Amazing character, sublime atmosphere, great energy… makes Rosie Still get the best out of you.

    I highly recommend her and love her work."

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